Saturday, October 26, 2019

Bridging TCP/IP on an Apple IIgs to the rest of the world

I wrote separate article on bridging Ethernet to Localtalk which turns out to be fairly trivial using a beige G3 as a software bridge.

So *PHYSICALLY* we are bridged, sorta, but the LocalTalk bridge software doesn't pass TCP/IP packets.

"Except for the Farallon StarRouter, none of the bridge solutions allow use of TCP/IP, which means the oldest Macs can't access the internet.

MacIPgw is what I’m fiddling with now.


Q: Where do I put the TCPIP update for Marinetti (
A: It goes in the System.Setup folder. You can hit Command-I and it's 3.0b11 for the new one as of this writing.

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