Friday, July 25, 2014

Tell All Mobile: $29 unlimited data/talk/text LTE Plans

Updated 25 July 2014. Will update as more details are released. This is an extremely new offering, but the network is T-Mobile's so do not be concerned about coverage or reliability.

First, here's the signup link if you want to be a customer:

Signup here if you want to be a dealer:
That link will also get you dealer-specific information.


1. What are the plans?

  • $29.99* Unlimited Talk, Text, Data with 1GB 4G LTE hi-speed, then slowing till next billing period.
  • $39.99* Unlimited Talk, Text, Data with 3GB 4G LTE  hi-speed, then slowing till next billing period.
  • $49.99* Unlimited Talk, Text, Data with 5GB 4G LTE  hi-speed, then slowing till next billing period.
  • $59.99* Unlimited Talk, Text, Data with Unlimited 4G LTE, never slowing.
*Plus state and federal taxes and fees. (Hey, we can't control the government alone. Contact your representatives.)

2. What are the features?
  • All plans include hotspot (use your phone to connect any WiFi device to the internet) and unlimited international texting from the US
  • Free music service streaming that DOES NOT count towards your high speed LTE data limit. Those include Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Slacker, and Milk Music as well as anything T-Mobile adds in the future.
3. What is the coverage? Same as T-Mobile:

4. I have a store, website, etc. How much is it to be a dealer? $10 enrollment, $10 monthly. It's very easy to make that amount back.

5. What's in it for me if I want become a dealer to refer people?
  • Free phone line every month if you have 10 active lines you refer. ($30 credit per month)
  • $10 bonus for every distributor you refer
  • $10 bonus for every line you refer
  • Residuals payments based on how many lines you refer (more info to come). They pay their bill, you get paid. Referring dealers gets you even more.
  • Anyone can sign up to be a dealer. Idea: If you have lot of business lines, or a large family, or have some way to share the custom site you'll get, you could make more than the $10 monthly cost easily by getting paid cash for each line.
  • If you hit the LTE high speed limit, turn off LTE in your phone settings. 4G will be fast enough if you get slowed down and your battery will last longer. But you can try both and choose.
  • Sign up as distributor if you have more than one line in your family to sign up. This gets you the $10 fee back to you that every line has to pay once for enrolling. So, the distributor fee pays for itself if you have two lines total (you and spouse) and beyond that saves you money. Plus you get your own referral link to refer others and make some money.

That link again to sign up to be a dealer is:

Customers who only want service go here:
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