Saturday, November 10, 2007

Embraer 145 / Expressjet Seating Advice

You want an 'A' seat. 1A etc. Single row. No neighbors. (Something for you Googlers.)


Jim Howard said...

I flew Express Jet from Austin to Tucson and back the other day. It was pretty nice to have a direct flight and the price was right. My 'A' seat was on the small size, but not horrible.

The only problem I had was trying to grok the incredible ugliness of the paint scheme. If there is an uglier combination of colors on any airplane, anywhere I have yet to see it. said...

Yes, the 'AquaFresh' paint scheme. We have our own paint shop but you have to agree the scheme might be unusual but ExpressJet's planes are kept up appearance wise.

I will say the maintenance is great here too, IMHO.

I'd say Southwest's old 'baby food' brown and red ain't really that great either. The new blue and red is much better.

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