Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You haven't seen it all

Check this out: a gutter cleaning robot. From iRobot (the Roomba people) so you know it works unless your gutter is hideously corrupted.

Watch the video on that page.

I ordered a new Roomba SE 4220 today for $150 since a new battery is about $25, and the new one will also have the floor charger base (which it finds by itself and recharges on) as well as two new virtual walls, a remote, faster recharge time, bigger dust bin, etc. etc. Thought it worth the difference. I think I paid near that for just the base Red model a year and a half ago. We still have old Red and this new one will let me troubleshoot Red to see if it's his battery or him that's sick. He won't run right.

Wish him luck and send a get well soon card.

Here's a minor Roomba tip: Just wash those filters out with soap and hot water. Over a year of use and the new ones still look fine.

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