Monday, October 22, 2007

XJT Bidding

Bid results should be out in a while. I got to bid in phase 2, which is all the reserve stuff. I got an R4 line for 24-28 October, which means I'm on call from 9am to midnight. I hope to get at least R5 which is Noon to 3AM. Later Rx lines don't get called as much as I understand things.

Staffing looks pretty decent; most days there are still 20-30 pilots on reserve that don't get called. I want some time off to get the house affairs straight. (Sell the Cessna 182, sell my extra car, etc.)

I am #139 for reserve bidding, so I should get a relief line or builtup line in a month or two hopefully.

Update: I got an R5 line which is phone standby from 9AM-Midnight. According to my friend, those don't get called out much. 12 days off for Oct, and hopefully next month will get me a line.

I was two spots out of getting a line on my bid preferences.

Now I have to figure out whether I'm considered inexperienced as I have about 170 hrs on the plane now, and whether or not I have to consolidate or not.

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