Thursday, January 03, 2008

Funeral Funnies

Here's some good stuff from my little comedian. He's the best kind. Often funny when he doesn't mean to be and funny frequently when he does.

We were at my wife's grandfather's funeral recently and here's some of the stuff Aaron came up with. Aaron is 6 and a half years old.

To my wife at the viewing with the casket open:

"Why's he wearing glasses?"

'Because that's what he always wore and that's how he looked and we want to remember him that way.'

"Why's he got clothes on?"

'Well, would you want to see Poppa without clothes on?"

(Poppa was 92 years old. I can't imagine a scenario where anyone would wish to see that. If you just Google'd '92 year old naked' then please PLEASE move along. Click an ad above to get you going. Now great, we'll be number one in rankings for the '92 year old naked' search term. Terrrrrr-iffic.)

And earlier while eating at the wake:

"Aaron, this isn't some sort of food fest." (or something like that.)

'I just got my fest!'

Poppy's buried in an above ground vault like all those made famous in New Orleans. Little church along the side of the river levee road in a little town in Louisiana you've never heard of north of Melville.

Aaron: 'So they're going to put him in there then use this crane to put the lid on and this is the chain...' (On and on, my little funeral engineer goes.)

'Who was this person? When did they die? They were all in the same FAMILY? They were only 6?' (No concern over the fat that HE'S only 6 mind you.)

It is becoming clear to me that Aaron might be suffering from the GOOD kind of chemical imbalance in which nothing concerns you at all, and unless you're tired, you're in a good mood. We'll explore that in later blog posts I'm sure.

And I've saved the best for last! Here's the favorite of mine when we told him we had to go to the graveyard later:

"Do we get to help dig the hole?"

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