Thursday, October 04, 2007

Phrases I shall try not to Use

On theroblog, I hope you find something useful and/or entertaining amongst all the ramblings. I'm going to come up with a list of phrases that I'm getting a bit tired of hearing, and seeing. You can call me on it if I slip.

1. "highly anticipated". Well WTH does that mean? "much anticipated" makes more sense. Or "widely anticipated" or "greatly anticipated" (maybe). This was heard in a Zd net blog video and I realized I'm sick of it, and it doesn't make sense anyway.

2. "Tiger", "Leopard", "Panther", "Puma", "Orange Ba$*ard Housecat" or whatever Apple keeps naming their operating systems. I don't mind Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista so much as they are different enough (and not released on what seems like a 3 month schedule APPLE) that I can keep them straight. I'll just use OS X 10.blahdee.blahdee. Don't get me started on the whole OS X 10.0 deal. Anyone for the Roman numeral version? The latest is OS X.IV.X

3. A list in no particular order: "pundit", "paparazzi", Movie phrases: "Must see" and "feel good movie of the ...".

Aaaaand, I'm spent.

You can leave your own words and phrases in the comments. Repeat the nonconformist's oath:

"I promise to be different!"

"I promise to be unique!"

"I promise not to repeat things other people say!"



Jana said...

1.My bad
2.Off da chain
3.For real

Next person to use one of these phrases in my vicinity gets punched! For real!

Suzanne said...

Fo shizzle...

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