Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Apple Pro Keyboard and Nintendo Wii

This combination works. I'm posting from it right now. This is the white wired Apple Pro Keyboard. Circa 2002.

M7803 is the model number.

The arrow keys, Num Lock on the numeric keypad, and Caps Lock work.

In Opera (the Internet Channel) the up and down arrow keys scroll the page and left and right work if you zoom the page using the Wii controller.

Now I wonder if my wireless Kensington Desktop would work. Be neat if the mouse worked! Have to try that some day.


Ben said...

Does anyone know if the Apple Wireless Keyboard (MB167LL) will work with the Wii (with a USB bluetooth dongle)? The MB167LL is very tempting for Wii use as it has a very small footprint and is easily storable when I'm not using the Wii browser...

Rob said...

Hey send me the keyboard and I'll check. :)

What WOULD almost certainly work is one of the those wireless keyboards that has a USB dongle that talks to the keyboard and the PC/Mac/whatever sees it as a standard keyboard.

Kensington Wireless Desktop springs to mind. I have one of those.

I'll try to do a rainy day afternoon test of it but I bet it'd work.

Rob said...

P.S. The Wii has Bluetooth (the controllers are) so I don't think adding another Bluetooth connection would help anything.

If anything, i'd think it might even confuse the Wii if it sees two BT connections.

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