NVME drive: cheap heat sink for 2230 size

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Disclaimer: don't do this. There, does that cover it enough? :) But you're gonna, probably. 

You could cut it and drill it but it's not nescessary. I used the screws that came with my PCIe adapter.

This dropped temps about 25 degrees! Massive improvement, partially because this thing is huge compared to the 2230.

The screw is held in place by the tension of the rubber bands and the stickiness of the pad so you can used a small pair of pilers or your fingers to get the brass 'nut' that typically comes with the PCIe to tighten more.

If you're paranoid, perhaps a small dot of hot glue on the 'nut' once it's installed. 

If you're paranoid about the rubber bands, then drill through the whole (hole?) thing etc to hold the heatsink via the screw.

Don't drill important stuff nor around any important stuff. Metal shavings bad.



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