Schwinn Axum Parts and Notes: Upgrades, tools, measurements, etc.

 First, Schwinn has been super easy for warranty. They will send you parts at the drop of a hat. 

Wear items like tires etc. are also covered by a 30 day warranty. I had a pinhole in a tube and they sent me a new one no questions asked. I patched it successfully, so, free backup tube.

Send me a new bottom bracket because the bearing in it is trash, IMHO, and it started making noise. The retaining hooks for the bearing stretch out and let the bearing balls move more.

I got the Shimano sealed replacement for it and now it's super smooth. The stock one also isn't sealed. Just get this for about $17 on Amazon:

Amazon Proceeds go to pet rescues

Check the prices, I got an Amazon Outlet one for a few bucks less. Bonus: dry anti-seize is already applied.

Tools List: Bracket tool. So you can remove and replace the bottom bracket show above. ⅜" drive. Torqu wrench you can get at Harbor Freight etc. Check the Warehouse prices. Crank puller. So you can remove and replace the bottom bracket. Check the Warehouse prices.

All the above 3 items are probably still cheaper than taking it to a bike shop. Watch some vidoes, work slowly and you'll be fine. 


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