Friday, January 28, 2011

Cheap Catnip Cat Toy

I'm sure someone will pipe with how this is bad for cats, but here's a cheap catnip toy. Snowball is just going to tear it up anyway.

You will need:

Old sock (preferably clean, but as we all know, cats love dirty socks.)

Simply, just put a golf ball sized amount of catnip in the toe, and tie the sock tightly in a knot just above that.

My cats have never failed to enjoy it until its hasty and inevitable destruction. We had one cat that would lick at it until it turned green from the catnip getting wet and soaking the sock while alternately rubbing it on her head.

The stupid dog also ate part of the last one.

Take this opportunity to show your kids why drugs are bad. They will make you rub old socks on your head.

Then we'll find you in the neighbor's bushes with your head on a rock because you thought it was a pillow.

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