Thursday, January 17, 2008

Macbook Air: But what about this?

This is a bit related to
my earlier micro rant about Apple's proprietary mini DVI connector on the Macbook. (The Macbook Pro gets a full size. WHY?!)

The new Macbook Air has ANOTHER non-standard connector. Yay Apple.

But here's an idea Steve: Why not make a cable that plugs into the Air (heh, a cable that plugs into air) and gives you a REAL DVI connector on the other end?

The stinkin' Macbook gives you a DVI-D connector even though the packaging is labeled as DVI.

DVI-D is only the digital signals. The analog (VGA signals) aren't present! That's another cable at $19 folks.

I could use the adapter that came with my G5 if Apple gave us a full DVI pin set. I want DVI-I so that I can then plug whatever I want into it.

So instead of your leftover G5 cable, you'll spend time ordering another cable and $19. Not to mention if you thought (like I did) that you'd be good to go and then discover that you aren't when you try to plug it in. Another trip to the Apple store.

Want to output composite video? $19.
VGA? $19
DVI-D? $19

That's $57 in cables. About 7% of the price I paid for my refurb Macbook. Really, Apple?

Anyone know if the Air DVI cable is a full DVI-I?

I ask because, you guessed it, the composite and SVGA cables are optional. At least it's only $19. Bonus: You get SVGA and Composite on it.

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