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Sunday, July 30, 2006


I stayed at this dump in Dallas on Thursday night. The Mansion on Turtle Creek. Everyone's anxious to help and you find yourself compelled to tip them. I wish I'd had a dollar bill dispenser on my belt. Need some extra towels? $2 Ironing board? $2 Help with bags? $3 Babysitter? $100. 4 pieces of bacon? $5 3 pieces of 'Jimmy Dean' sausage? $5 Ride in the courtesy car for 5 minutes? $5 Internet? $9.95 a day. Cha ching cha ching cha ching. That free night at the hotel was about a break even proposition even though my wife got paid for going to the training there. Yeah I know, boo hoo, a free night in a luxury hotel with a 5 star restaurant. Here's the point: the thing about those places is that every little thing costs you, so it lessens the experience in the end. I mean, someone's spending a lot of money here, could we roll in something with the pricey room? $250 a night, could I please surf the web for free, like they give you at Hooters in Texas? (I was in Chili's next door and it worked.) :) Every little thing seems to cost you, unlike many lesser hotels with free wifi and a continental breakfast. Just charge me for it all and include it in the price of the room if you're a high end hotel. Don't hit me up for every little thing if that much money is already changing hands. In their defense, of course everything service and facility-wise is right. Free cookies in the lobby, a little snack on check in that's brought to your room, etc. It was a gorgeous place, they were at your service, and it was extremely neat and tidy. But I slept better at the Courtyard Marriott in Irving, TX the next night. And it was right around the corner from Fry's, a favorite nerdery. I guess between Warren Buffett and Donald Trump, I'll take Warren. If it's between Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett I'll take Jimmy. But if it's between Target and Wal Mart, I'll take Target. Ya gotta live a little.

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