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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Internet makes you lazy, and stupid, or both

Pet peeve of the microsecond: 'Go to the website for this game and you can order a demo UMD!' (For a PSP for those of you who never waste their time.) Well, how bout a link genius? Or directions? (Click here, and here, hit 56* then #, then enter your info...)
I don't think I missed it, so where is it? Well, I found this: "Over at Playstation.com, you can now get your hands on a UMD demo of Gangs Of London for the PSP! Just get all registered up, and a demo of the game will be making it's way to you - while stocks last of course." Get all registered up for what? The demo? The entire site, what??!! Well, it looks like they're all out anyway. Long story short and all.

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