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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Restaurants in Bastrop, LA

Oh I beseech thee oh great Google web crawler! Let the search engine find my keywords faithful and let the multitude flock hither with great rejoicings and page hit counts. Here's some good places to eat when you're in town. Of which the odds are low, unless you have a very, very specific reason to go there. It's not on the way to anywhere else, the mill is closing, and it's 30 minutes off I-20. But you never know.

They do have a nice new gas pump at the airport, but it was $4+ per gallon while it was $3.33 at my home field. Oklahoma vs. Louisiana oil prices. Since they're both oil states, you think it'd be close but anyway....

  • Old Hardware Fish House.

    All you can eat catfish, whole and filet. A la carte fried shrimp were excellent. Boiled shrimp is good also. Hey, Oklahoma, have you ever heard of Zatarain's? Try it. You can boil shrimp in something besides water and if-you're-lucky a little salt, ya know. There's this thing called the internet and you can order products from all over right off of it!
  • Granny's Family Restaurant. Had a fire, but reconstruction looks like it's nearing completion as of 8/12/2006. Great all you can eat seafood buffet.

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