I've gotten over $200 in cash back from them at places I would have shopped anyway! Ebay, Staples, more! I put it at the top because they ROCK. Basically, you get a kickback from Ebates when buy.com or whoever pays them. Win-win. If you like throwing money away, don't use them!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My favorite 'hot deal' links


AnandTech Forums - Hot Deals
FatWallet Forums - Hot Deals
TechDeals - Your Guide to Technology Bargains
techbargains.com Find bargains in discount computer hardware, cheap digital camera, and cheap DVD player.
dealmac.com - Find the lowest prices on iPod, iBook, PowerBook, Mac, eMac, PowerMac G5, iMac, News on Apple Mac prices.

Sweeeet. Typical setup : pricematch, coupon, cash back program, rebate. Sometimes you can MAKE money buying stuff, other times it's breathtakingly cheap. Freeze your credit cards into a block of ice. While you still can.

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