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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Picasa 2 photo collection organizer Review


Yeah , it’s a bit of an iPhoto knockoff. It’s fast. Running on a Dell 4550 533FSB, 2.53Ghz CPU. 768M RAM. I think the jpeg decoder it uses also gives a higher quality photo when you view it in Picasa than the native viewer in Windows XP. Same for the 3GP decoder (usually a cell phone video).

What I didn’t expect is that it also indexes moves, such as the AVI files from my Canon Powershot S30 and the videos from my Snapstream captures. These can be played within Picasa.

Timeline. Shows your pictures on a timeline. Don’t look at photos of your children here, you’ll just feel sad because they’re growing up so fast. The picture fixer (color, contrast, etc.) works well.

No photo editor. No flickr uploading from within the app. I can understand that; Yahoo owns flickr, not Google.

What’s missing:
I can’t blame Picasa for this, but I wish there was a program to sort out duplicates by how they look. Also, to sort out duplicates by filename and/or size

Worth a look for sure for the average person. I did get some cleanup done on my pic collection and again, it’s fast. It’s free! (look over on the right side of this blog and click Google Pack). I'd post the link here but it's in javascript, and that's a no-no for posts. Looks like this:

(You can click the button above but it takes you nowhere. Download from the main page amongst the links on the right side.)


Rakesh Agrawal said...

Hey Robert, I'm a huge Picasa fan as well and I've recently also become a user of Picasa's Web Albums feature... I think it's only in beta right now, but you should get into the beta program if you have a chance. Select your photos in Picasa, click twice and your photos get automatically uploaded. And their web viewer is really nice too, automatically resizing photos to fit the size of your browser. There are a lot of flickr features missing (the most annoying of which, to me, is the inability to post photos that are uploaded to picasa web albums to one's blog).

And with the acquisition Google recently made of Neven Vision, your duplicate photo finder may not be far off!

Anyways, glad you're liking Picasa, I swear by it for all of my digital photography.

Robert Bullock said...

Hey, thanks for the words. I'll have to look into that. I don't have a lot of stuff on flickr, so it wouldn't be much of a problem to move it. I'm waiting on the new blogger.com features to be non-beta, especially tags.

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