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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A River Runs Through It

Riverwind Casino
Originally uploaded by jMac .
Now that would be cool, a river in a Casino called Riverwind, but some drunk idiot would fall in it and own the place. Hey, and for you gamblers in the crowd here's a little tip: the longer you play the slots, the more money of yours the house will have. It's just a fact. I'll play em too, but about a nickel roll's worth. Wow, I digress. ** MY real Reason for this post ** is that the buffet was affordable and had some really bright spots, some stuff that was interesting and some that was Yuck. You should get: the beef loin (excellent!), chicken fried steak with white gravy, tres leches cake (excellent!), bread pudding (wife says it's the best she's had in a restaurant), and the iced tea. Dinner for two adults and two children was $37.xx on a Wednesday night. And yeah, I stole some dude's pic off flickr cuz I didn't take any myself. :) Another downer-I hate cigarette smoke. Self park on the south side and enter there. Curve around to the left to get to the buffet.

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