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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Home Run Inn Pizza (frozen) review

ROCKS. This tastes like a neighborhood pizzeria pie. (Because it is.)

Why am I reviewing a frozen pizza? They've been around since 1947. They're doing something right. 'Swhy I bought the pizza. I have a general rule: if they've been cooking the same thing for 50+ years, I'd like a taste. Although White Castle doesn't do much for me....anyway.

The crust is crispy (made on the rack of the oven at about 400 degrees) but about 1/4" thick, the cheese a solid sheet, and it looks like it was handmade; slightly irregular. Bit of a beer/yeast taste to the crust like pizza hut. I might have added a slice of pepperoni or two. Aldi is selling a 1lb 2oz pepperoni for $3.99. Cheese was also available, but please, that's the 89 cent ones you buy for the kids. Check out www.homeruninn.com.

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