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Monday, November 06, 2006

How I met Cheech Marin

There I was, just hired at Trans States Airlines, walking to my gate in St. Louis' airport. Here comes Cheech Marin walking the other way. No big deal, carrying a bag on his shoulder. I'm dressed in a nice knit collar shirt, biz cazh--not crazy fan wear. I smiled and pointed and (not wanting to make a scene) said "Hey, it's you!". He mumbles a little bit; waves. "Do you have like ten seconds for a picture?" Mumble mumble..no sorry... Over my shoulder: "Well at least I'll have a story to tell". Mumble mumble...moves on. This whole deal was in passing, neither one of us stopped, and so we passed.

What I should have done was yelled "Hey it's Cheech from Cheech and Chong!" after he said he didn't have time for a picture. :)

But, I still have the story and my cool factor minus one point for asking for a photo. But ya pretty much gotta at least ask nicely.

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