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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TSA Checkride

Flunked. Passed a lot of the hard parts. Will do better next time. Recheck on the 5th of March. Plus side: a week off, and I'm home with the wife and kids in Houston. Yes, I'm studying. The notecards went with me about town today. Going back a couple of days before my first retraining sim to really hit it hard.

In my defense, lots of us have flunked orals and/or checkrides. Smarter guys than me flunked the oral the first time.

The stories have also been coming out about why this is not an unusual thing. Anecdotally, flunking and even flunking out at TSA seems not to be such a big deal. Hopefully any future employers will take my TSA experience with a grain of salt.

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