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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TSA Training Advice

It appears like some people are reading my blog and looking for advice on Trans States Airlines training. Not all the things I'm going to tell you were issues I had, but that I might have seen.

Here's what I can tell you:

1. You can buy an EMB145 model for MS Flight Sim for $25. Review here. Disclaimer: I haven't used it and have no connection with them.

That would be really good if it works something like the real airplane so you can practice with the FMS, flight director, etc.

The review sounds promising. Flying the plane is not that hard except doing a visual which is challenging.

2. Get those profiles and flows down so that you don't think about what to say or do when, and the sim will be a LOT easier. I made up mnemonics and silly sayings to help me on the flows. You can sit in front of a CPT with a partner and get those down pat. Don't worry about the captain's flows or anything crazy. Managing yourself, the plane, the crew, and the emergency is the lesson they are trying to teach. Don't hurry. Time is the one element you can control someone told me. The engines are DESIGNED to sit there on fire for a while. :) I came in and studied every day, even off days because I was one of the first people into the sim. I was at FSI for about 8-9 hours every day during sim. The sim session was 5 of that.

3. Don't sweat the written tests too much. Study and learn though. Everyone made it through ground school. The oral and the sim are the real tests. Study in groups. Everyone's got little tricks or gouges.

4. Get to Jeff Baumann's house for his teaching sessions. Indispensable. 5 stars. Ask him for advice and help early, not after you've flunked something.

5. Don't study so much that it starts to affect your eating or sleeping. It's not THAT hard and it's not worth your health. You young folks won't be bulletproof for the rest of your life. Take some time off. Take a nap.

6. Lots of people flunked orals and sims. Smarter people than me flunked the oral. Don't sweat it too much, just keep working. It's not unusual.

7. The best cure for being nervous is being overly prepared.

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