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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Years Later Review #1

I tend these days to stay behind the power curve on tech stuff. No, I don't own an old Mac or a terribly old PC. It's pretty compelling to own a machine that when it came out 4 years ago was $1999, and you paid $595 for it.

I just bought a dual G5 1.8ghz with three times the RAM it came with for that price. Also, I got the Apple Mighty Mouse, which I didn't think was stock for a G5. And a retail copy of OS X 10.4 vs the original 10.3. Those items are $158 retail at the Apple store.

Hard to turn down.

So here's the review: Get one. Well, at least pick up the mouse. (MM I'll call it.) I'd recommend a more slippery mousepad for it than the cloth topped kind. It's more draggy than my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. The MS mouse touches in 4 small places, and the Apple mouse touches in a ring all around the bottom. The scroll ball on the MM is just deliciously precise.

There's tons of detailed reviews on the G5 already, so what's the point of a lengthy one? I'll be moving my 9800 Pro Radeon to the G5 soon, which will make it probably more powerful than my 2.53Ghz PC. What a relic!

We've said it before, the prices on the Motorola chip based Macs are in freefall since Apple switched to Intel. The G5 is also a lot quieter and prettier than the G4, and I'm betting will be supported slightly longer.

My G4 will be for sale very shortly if anyone is interested.

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