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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cupcake Cafe in Sugarland

Great sandwich. Try the Pesto Pollo. Here's their site.

We got there latish, about 620pm or so. They close at 7pm, and turn off the grill at 645pm but the service was excellent and friendly.

The pasta salad that comes with the sandwich was also good. The Boston Creme cupcake was ok, but I'd prefer less of a dark chocolate icing and more of a milk chocolate.

Cool decor with a couch and table and a giant inverted cupcake about 8 feet across with the 'cherry' being a red lit lamp and light up 'sprinkles' on the ceiling.

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imelda said...

Found your site when searching for cupcakes in Sugar Land.

Have you heard of Yelp? If you like to write reviews, visit yelp.com

As a Houston area blogger, are you also a Twitter? twitter.com

Just wondering.

I need to try this cupcake place.

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