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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Make Your Own Vaccuum Tubes

Time to take a break for the serious. This is old school at it's finest.

You kids think slapping a new cover on your ipod is something?

This guy MAKES his own vacuum tubes.

You see kids, this is what a radio ran on in the olden days. I still remember these from when my Grandfather worked on televisions. Yup, it'd make those work too.

In WWII, they even built a computer out of them.

Someday I'll tell my kids or grandchildren about televisions that you had to look at on a glass tube instead of the new Xenon projection mist with the neural interface that they've been watching.

Clicky Linky.

And I used to edit HTML with Notepad too! And I used telnet on a NeXT slab by cracky!

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