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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Send me my damn ANTS!

I got this in my email:


Thank you for your order. Unfortunately at this time it is too cold to ship ants to your area. If you temperatures are falling below 32 degrees at night, we cannot safely ship ants. We will be checking the temperatures weekly to see if they fall within the appropriate window at which time we will ship your order ASAP. We will also notify you upon shipping your creatures.


Pretty thorough, except I don't think Houston is getting that cold. Perhaps the ants have to transit a colder area.

They should book them a direct flight. But those are usually oversold in 'Ant' class.

So my daughter's farm will have to wait for it's inevitable infestation.

1 comment:

jana said...

There is a huge ant bed in the front yard. If you want, I will scoop it up and ship it to you. If they are frozen dead when they arrive, call me and I will send more.

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