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Friday, February 15, 2008

10% off Roxio Products Coupon

Kind of lame, but it's for their online store. You get it when you cause their website to return an error.


Like this link that doesn't exist.

I was looking to see if they still had updates for Toast 5. I am still miffed at the way it said you can create DVDs on the box with it. BURN, not CREATE if you've got something else to AUTHOR it with is what you can do.

Toast 5 during the OS X transition wasn't exactly up to speed. Hence, 5.2.3 was the last fix...which means it took a lot of version updates.

I just ordered an OEM copy of Toast 8, so we'll see how that goes. Woes are there according to the internetweb.

It was $23 so I can live with it for that probably.

Roxio is one of those companies that makes cool stuff, it breaks from time to time, and it's usually fixed in the next product. So you have to buy or upgrade. The cool/working factor isn't high for them like Apple. I'd probably be pi$$ed if I paid $99 on their website for it, or $80 at CompUSA for Toast 5 like I did.

Right now, DVD burning form TiVo is broken and you can't transfer to a non-DRM'd format larger than 320x240 resolution. For you non techies, that's 1/4th the resolution of a standard TV.

DRM sucks. Roxio sucks to a degree. Apple sucks less.

In other news, we're hiring a staff writer with more of a vocabulary.

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