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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blizzard you sort of Suck

I'm on hold now and here's the funny. Blizzard is playing music from Diablo on their customer service line.

That's good stuff, play music from the games you make on hold.

Here's the contention:

I and my kids have World of Warcraft games. I signed my son up back in December for a free 10 day trial and we played. I registered about a month ago, and I sent him a 'referral' yesterday so we could get a free month for registering him.

Well, turns out you can't get a referral if you didn't use the referral key you sent.

Now I know it's to reduce fraud, but Blizzard, I bought 3 copies of your game for $50 total, and now I pay $45 a month for me and my two kids to play.

Is it too much to ask for ONE free month I should have coming? I forgot to 'refer' my daughter, so that's my bad. I'm just asking for the one month.

Also, what you need is some sort of family package. Apple does it with their OS upgrades, and IIRC for .Mac accounts.

Blizzard, are you as good as Apple?

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