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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Updated 2/28/08

I like the cost, but other brokerages have faster and easier to navigate sites. But, if you're going to buy stocks and let them sit, and perhaps want a lower margin rate too, this is a valid choice.

The Problems: Getting your statements online appears to hang. With Firefox, you get a popup window from cgichicago.com with "Searching for your document..." in it. Firefox under Mac OS X really just downloaded a file something like 'viewpdf2.asp' to your desktop (or wherever your default download directory is). Just rename it to a .PDF and it will work. Annoying.

The Good:
Setting up and getting funded was easy and quick.

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Anonymous said...

I think Zecco runs on microsoft crap that's why it's slow, unresponsive and hard to navigate. That's the worst online brokerage experience for me thus far. You can't beat the FREE trades but the site is just horrible.

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