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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Printer Cartridge Cleaning Technique After Refill

Here's something I do after refilling the cartridge instead of priming or using the cleaning function that many printers have built in. (I have a Deskjet 930C which is the same as the 932/935 etc. They do that so you can't price match it at another store because it isn't the 'same' model but that's another blog post.) Why do I still have that old printer? Because you can refill it so many times it isn't funny, unlike those that have built in expiration dates on the cartridge. Which is B.S. And another blog post topic.

Instead of using the built in cleaning function , just print a solid page of the color that isn't quite up to speed. Like a solid blue/red/yellow square, or black if that's the case.

It almost certainly uses less ink than a prime, and only runs ink through the portion of the print head that needs it.

You got the ink cheap, so don't worry about wasting it, up to a point.

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