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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1985-1990, my teeth!

Ok, so I'm in Shreveport, LA on an overnight. I get up around 9AM (late arrival, gimme a break) and go out to look up some old friends. (Hey Flynn Dulle and John Bartle.) I lived here from 1979-1989 when I graduated from Caddo Magnet High School.

Anyway, I had just driven by one of my old homes and I noticed my othodontist still had his sign out. Incidentally, his brother is my sister's dentist. Doyle W. Baldridge as I live and breath. He still had 4 of my plaster castings from 1985-1990. I was sort of a prized case study. 2 of his assistents were still there from when I was a patient. He had presented my case at least once, probably more at various orthodontist events. Anyway, he wanted some pictures of my teeth to add to the case. *23* years later. I still have two pieces of hardware holding two sets of two teeth together. I'm 37 now and started as a patient of his when I was 14. I think the furniture there is still the same too.

He said my teeth look good and although the back teeth were a little crooked, he didn't recommend that Ihave anything done just yet, but to let him know if I did and he could do something simple for that.

23 YEARS. The man does love his work.

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