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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Coby MP-C741 MP3 Player Tips and Tricks

Updated on 5/1/08: If you are having trouble applying the firmware update, somewhere there is an option on the MP3 player to format the internal memory. I forgot I had done that, so if you are having trouble applying new firmware, try that first.

Neat little player. Right now it's free after the rebate or make money possibly. See this post I made. I love a bargain. I got mine at Office Depot on clearance for $4.99!

To business:

It will work with a Mac just fine, mounts as a drive (or two drives if you add an SD card) on the desktop with no special drivers. It didn't like my unpowered USB hub so I had to plug it into the Macbook directly.

Just use the SD slot to put your MP3's on if you have it filled, and save the internal memory for recordings as that is where the player will put them.

Put the SD card in a USB adapter or card reader. It syncs a LOT faster with my Iogear SD USB drive. (Like a thumbdrive but you put an SD card in it.)

Note: Supposedly it only accepts a 512M card into the slot but I used a 1 gig micro SD card from my phone and was able to browse and play MP3's on it. I read elsewhere that a 2 gig card has been used successfully. YMMV.

The internal memory mounts as one drive, the SD card as another drive.

OS X Disk Utility didn't want to format or partition the 512 Meg Micro SD I installed with an adapter. Drive Genius didn't like it either.

OS X shows it as a Yountel device when mounted in Disk Utility. I'm betting something like this unit.

Turns out there was something wrong with the Dane Elec Micro SD to SD/MMC adapter I had. In the trash it went. That adapter also didn't work with my card readers. So recycle those MicroSD card you have to use with this player. Be careful which adapter you use.

Get the firmware update off the Coby site. Read how to and where in the FAQ here. The latest there is version 1.44

Plusses: To me, a decent set of headphones! They sound better than my JVC HAFX33's I paid $10 for. Normally it's a $15-$20 pair, but they sounded tinny compared to the Cobys.

General Comments: I thought Coby made cheap crap. I was impressed by this unit. It's no iPod, but add an old SD/MMC card you've got, and a copy of Synctunes, and it's a nice little unit especially for the price.


dvpatel said...

Where do I get the FW File? The page in the FAQ does not exist and the Driver zip file that has the FTUP_COBY.FNT file vanishes from the player after I boot. Can you please post the file and instructions you followed as the ones in the FAQ on Coby site don't seem to work.

Rob said...

It's my understanding that it loads that file as firmware.

Either once and it's upgraded or each boot, who knows.

That's why I want someone to check their firmware before and after. :)

It seemed to take a little longer to boot when I put that file on.

dvpatel said...

Well, I have tried it several times now. Due to your post on FW, I had made it a point to check my FW version BEFORE I tried. It was 0.73 then and its still 0.73 and you are right, when the file is there, it does take longer to boot but then the version does NOT change and the file vanishes. I even deleted the sample MP3 file (didn't delete the folders though) and still no dice.


Rob said...


Following instructions EXACTLY.
Remove any SD or MMC cards.
Remove from USB cable before reboot.
Fresh battery.
Make sure it's in the root directory.
Redownload the file.

Let me know.

dvpatel said...

That's exactly what I did the last time around. Followed instructions exactly. Remove SD Card. Turn the Device ON and then plug it in. Drag and Drop the FW file in Root. Confirm File is in Root. Stop USB Device. Unplug (at disconnect the device is OFF). Turn ON. No Dice. I also followed the exact steps with the Device OFF at the time of plugging it it. Still no luck.

Anonymous said...

Dunno, sounds like a bad unit, corrupted download somehow, corrupt unzipper, or something strange like that.

I connect via USB slightly differently, with the unit initially off; it should power up automatically.

That's about the last thing I can think of barring the more unlikely scenarios.

Last few things:

Reformat it and see what happens. You shouldn't kill the firmware as that is not the portion you will be formatting.

Also do a sector scan on it, which should be possible as it's a mounted drive.

Also there is a setting for reset all the settings, try that.

Wineaux said...

Thanks for the heads up on Fat Wallet! I scored two at my local Office Depot.

I didn't have any issues upgrading the firmware, but (this was pre-firmware upgrade) the battery life on this unit seems really bad...

I drive a truck for a living (no radio) so I kept it on all day. In an ten hour period I went through 2 1/2 AAA batteries! I'm hoping that the firmware upgrade will help with the battery usage. I'll keep you posted.

dvpatel said...

I give up. I have tried EVERYTHING. I even formatted the stupid thing in FAT32 (default is FAT) and tried all this again. No Dice. Stupid device I say.

Rob said...

May be a bad unit I guess. YMMV. :) I've had no problems with mine yet. Hey, it's a $5 item! For the price to performance ratio on mine, it was GREAT.

Rob said...

Battery life: Yeah, not so great. I use rechargeables, so not such a huge issue. They probably should have used an AA.

Try NiMH.

Silvina said...

Maybe you can help me with this.
I have a MP C741, and when I turn it on, the LCD displays nothing. When I connect the player to the computer, the device is detected, but however no data is displayed on the blue screen.
I bought 2 identical players about 4 months ago, began using one of then, which is working fine, and last week needed the other one but haven`t been able to use it yet.
I emailed techsupport and they told me to return the unit, but the warranty has expired.
What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance.

Rob said...

I'd try reflashing the firmware.

That and maybe take the battery out for a long time and let any RAM or settings zero out perhaps.

Maybe the contrast is all the way down?

Silvina said...

I think mine is a bad unit too. Oomph!
I tried reflashing the firmware and formatting the device but nothing worked. If you have some new idea please let me know.
Thanks anyway.

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Anonymous said...

2gb sd cards is the true maximum not 512mb. 4gb and up dont work itested them. i curently use a 2gb sd card on my copy mp3 player with no problems.

Rob said...

Thanks for the update. I use a hacked iPod classic with a cf card instead of the drive now.

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