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Monday, April 14, 2008

How many Lemony Features to an Apple

More like lemon-y. I say lemon-y because the Mac annoyances are relatively minor, but mounting in my Macbook Core 2 Duo, 1.83Ghz. This is the older model with a GMA950 chipset. It's not quite a lemon but the taste is getting there. 

The list:
1. The Keyboard is having some sort of chemical interaction with the screen. At angle with the screen off, you can see shadowy images of the keyboard on the screen. These aren't scratches, kind of like shadows. My theory is it's like a new plastic dashboard on a new car. The plastic gives off gasses that get on your windshield. But these marks won't wipe off.

Apple is replacing my keyboard for me. (What's that going to help? Not make it worse at best.)

2. Occasionally noisy screen inverter. Bugger.

3. If you pick it up and aren't careful how much pressure you put in while a disc is spinning, you can flex the case so that it impacts the spinning disc or drive spindle. The latest models still do the same thing. Design issue across the board. 

4. There is a noticeably lighter band in the screen I noticed when using the laptop one night. The lighting or LCD panel isn't uniform. Vertical, about 2/3rds of the way across.

So, three 'hard' defects. What's the limit for it to be a lemon? Anyone?

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