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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great Mexican Restaurant in Arcola / Missouri City!

The restaurant is "Los Arcos" in Arcola, TX.

Here's a map.

This is a sort of hole in the wall but the food is GREAT. It's a family sort of place, complete with the elementary aged son doing his homework a few tables over.

If you're a snob about how nice the furniture and tables have to be, then go elsewhere, but if you care about THE FOOD (as you should you uptight preppy), then this is some great Tex-Mex, with some authentic Mexican features.

I had some chicken enchiladas in corn tortillas with a verde sauce. Beans and rice included and it all looks homemade. I know the corn tortillas are.

The corn tortillas have an excellent light flavor, not like some of those factory made ones that aren't fresh.

I ate it ALL and that's rare for me to do.

My wife had the carnitas at $7.95, and that was good too.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the only thing over $9.95 is the ribeye steak with rice and beans at $14.95.

MOST things are $7.95 for more specialty items like shrimp enchiladas and the majority of the dinners are $5.50 to $5.95.

They've been open about 3 months, and I want to see them survive, so GO. They do catering and serve breakfast lunch and dinner. (There's an extensive breakfast menu which is incongruously American--pancakes, eggs, etc.)

Get a Mexican Coca-Cola while you're at it.

Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-9pm.

13811 Highway 6
Arcola, TX 77583
(281) 431-3880

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