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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Keep Your Car Air Conditioning AC Efficient and Clean

To keep your car air conditioning clean and fresh, turn off the engine then turn the key back on after use and let it run on high until the temperature of the air coming out of the vents matches or is close to ambient. What this does is warm up the core so that water won't condense or form as much moisture as just shutting the key off and walking away. Guess what? Icky stuff won't grow on a warm and dry air conditioning core.

Plus, it'll keep you cool as you gather your things from the car, put up the sunshade (you do that right?) etc.

Using a sunscreen keeps your car interior in better shape and keeps your A/C from working as hard when you get back in. On a side note, that window tint really does work, and should decrease your gas usage slightly by decreasing your A/C usage. If you live in the south, it just makes sense. On the early model Toyota Prius, the engine had to turn on to run the A/C, so I had mine tinted for that reason especially.

A product I use when the A/C starts to get that sour odor is Pure Air A/C duct sanitizer. I've had my bottle for years it seems like. 8 ounces will last you a long while. I has NO PERFUMES OR ODORS that I can detect, it just kills stuff in your A/C vents.

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