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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Comcast Initially Sucks

We'll see how they do later but:

1. Left my house and didn't close the work order so no Internet for 24 hours. Numerous calls, finally started working.

2. Got my phone number wrong which made looking up my info confusing. Not a typo, totally wrong area code.

3. Remote for their digital box not set up for said digital box. Had to do that myself.

4. Cablecards not activated. Had to call in, during which time they started working. Maybe that's provisioning, but if you can make my Tivo give that message to call, you, give me a message to just wait and they will provision.

5. Don't make me wade through pages, download and run some crappy software, agree to terms and conditions, etc. just to turn on my internet. Just make it work!

6. Installer's primary language not English. I don't have any judgment to make here other than I should be able to communicate a little easier with said installers. Did a decent job otherwise, but could have gone quicker.

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