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Thursday, June 05, 2008

HA-FX33 Headset Review

I have these in black and got them on sale for $10. I thought we had mentioned these before but I couldn't find it :).

If you are looking for a headset to wear while traveling on an airplane, this is a good choice. They function as earplugs as well (the outer section is like the foam earplugs you use), so they are great for that or any noisy environment. Mowing the lawn, etc.

A little solitude in a noisy world.

In that sense, they are better than active noise reduction headsets and a lot cheaper!

I would not use them while bike riding or when you need to hear things but you could insert them loosely for that.

The sound is good unless you insert them loosely, in which case it is tinny. I also like the little slide that holds the buds together, reducing tangles.

Pick up a pair from Amazon and support the roblog.

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