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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sudoku: What's the point?

Good Lord, if you're looking for boring number twiddling, come fix my Quicken imports of my discount brokerage downloads. At least that would save me some money on my taxes.

I don't get it, haven't tried it, and don't care to. That's the Amerkin way, and I'll officially be eligible to be a curmudgeon at the age of 40 and I hate to rush, so I'll start now.

Get a copy of Games magazine and get some variety. A whole book of Sudoku? Drill that tooth now, Mr. Dr. Dentist!

More annoying and somewhat disheartening is everyone on an airplane or in the airport has a book of it!

Have we gotten to the point that a magic carpet ride to a far away land in the close company of strangers has taken a disinterested back seat to friggin' multi-dimensional addition problems?

Crikey, what an imagination you must have had as a child. Put it down and talk to the beehived woman next to you or look out the window! I bet the flight attendant has a story or two to tell, if you ask her right.

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