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Monday, September 08, 2008

Damn Thieves

I was looking at houses online because my insurer claims it would cost $303,000 to replace my house. Riiiiight. Oh, and the garage counts as living area. Really?

You see we had a claim (minor water damage due to a leaky A/C drain tube stoppage) so now of course the house is under-insured all of a sudden, so the premiums would have to go up. Funny how that works. The tax assessor seems to tax it based on about 505 square feet less. THE GARAGE.

I hate to say it, but the TAX MAN sounds more fair than USAA!

Here's a rather shallow quote I found when looking at new houses:

"Finally, a closet roomy enough to neatly display all the gorgeous clothes, hand bags and shoes you've acquired!"

Barf. Rampant consumerism anyone?

"Finally, a closet deep enough to show your equally shallow friends how shallow YOU are."


Anonymous said...

ok, what happened?


Rob said...

Minor water damage due to a leaky A/C drain tube stoppage. Post revised.

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