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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike Emergency Internet Access

If you live in Sienna Plantation, Missouri City, I will have my Wifi network up and connected over a cellular network at:

3906 N Bank Ct

No guarantees. It might be broken, slow, etc. the cell towers might be down.

Make sure you have a good charge on your laptop and park close to the house. **This is not an open house** :)

The rules:

1. Please just use it for emergency emails and the like. Not because you're bored or anything frivolous.

2. There is VERY limited capacity. Do your email, tell the relatives your state, and disconnect.

3. It will be named IkeEmergencyWiFi or something similar.

4. Turn off any programs that may use excess data:

5. Please don't ring my doorbell asking about it unless you have sort of important emergency.

-anything that automatically updates like Windows update, Mac OS's updates, etc. etc.

You can use Skype BUT ONLY for chat NOT for voice.


It will be setup as an Ad-Hoc network. You may have to configure your Wifi specifically for that. That also may change, but probably not.

Print this out for reference.

You can text me at:


Preferably, Email me.

Suggestion: try sending test messages via your cell to the relatives if you can't call or my network is down.


Anonymous said...

Any damage in Sienna?

Just a little worried in Iraq to come off mission, seeing CNN and not being able contact home.

Rob said...

I have not heard of hardly any personal injury here, and little to no in general.

Main concerns are food, ice, gas etc. Not much damage this far inland either.

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