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Saturday, December 06, 2008


"PC LOAD LETTER?! What the..." See: 'Office Space'.

I got an HP LaserJet 4 with a JetDirect card and 8 Megs of RAM (woo!) for $7 (yes , seven) at a garage sale. I've been using inkjets for a long time and lasers off and on, but for this kind of pricing it's a buy. This thing is a tank. Built in Japan in 1993. Original price on these babies was $2199 retail.

This is an *OFFICE* heavy cycle machine. Rated for tens of thousands of pages per month. There are machines with over 1 million page count out there. This one only has 114,000 or so. A baby still.

Do you think the Brother for $99 at Office Depot is built as well?

OS X is happy with it using Gimp Print and Windows XP is fine with using it as an LPR printer. Vista should work but I got to set that up.

It's industrial, fast enough, the price is right and it will probably work for decades.

Newer ain't necessarily better, and it sure ain't cheaper.

Oh and the movie's excellent by the way.

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