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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cheapest WiFi Adapter for Xbox 360 and TiVo, and Others

Ok, forget the one Microsoft/TiVo/whoever sells. You don't need it.

What you need is what is called a bridge. It connects wired boxes via a plain old cable to a WiFi network.

So anything that has a network plug can plug into the bridge without buying that special expensive adapter for your TiVo/Xbox/Xbox 360/etc.

Something like this is what you want, and if you want to plug multiple devices in, get a switch or hub.

Sometimes, they have a switch built in like this one:

That is the one I have and it's ROCK SOLID. Not the cheapest, but recommended. You can plug 4 devices into the switch on it. So you saved $20 by not buying the official Xbox 360 adapter, and now you can plug EVERYTHING in your entertainment center into your network.

Good job.

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