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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Trade Secret: Cheap Data Recovery

I've seen it quite a bit: your laptop or desktop breaks, or you get a new one, or switch to a Mac from a PC or (you'll switch back later) from a Mac to a PC.

This will help you if you are doing anything but trying to read a Mac hard drive on a PC. That is possible but beyond the scope of this article.

The little device below (and many like it) that Amazon (and many others--I love parentheses!) sell(s) (see?) are designed so that you remove the hard drive from your old and busted and hook it up to the new hotness as an external drive.

Remember that static electricity kills electronics. Keep one hand on your PC case or something grounded to dissipate this buildup.

Then, you just copy the files you want over to your new gadget. Keep the old drive around for a while. If there's nothing wrong with the hard drive you are copying from, you can also buy an external case and use it for whatever (backups are your friend!).

Linkies: (Sorry about the layout. Comment if you know how I can avoid the linebreaks.)

Make sure you get the right interface type. There are two physical sizes and two interface standards (Ok, SCSI, but you don't see much of those.) So, four possibilities: 2.5", 3.5" and SATA (serial) or Parallel IDE. (Sometime called parallel IDE or PATA, etc.) Don't ask me, Google it!

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