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Sunday, January 11, 2009

iTunes and the Loss of DRM

Yeah, so there is no DRM any more. Many people say that might lead to people buying their music elsewhere or using a different device. Or not buying as much music. Wait, what?

I'm now MORE likely to buy there than before.

The sole reason I WASN'T buying there was because I could not use my music on another device, should I choose. I have an iPhone. I use iTunes. I buy from Amazon.com mainly because of no DRM and because of the good sales they have on albums.

Do people think that Apple was selling songs on iTunes because that was the only place to buy music? That only songs purchased there could be used on an iPod?

This is America; the average person doesn't know that there are other options. I bet most people don't even import their music from CDs into MP3 format. (Yes, it can be done by changing your preferences folks.) What makes Apple successful is the fact that it is so easy to use and so integrated. I.e., the user experience.

By removing DRM, they've only made it more likely that the rest of us will buy there.

And people aren't going to switch off the iPod because it's works so well with iTunes.

I say, it's an improvement and will only increase market share. The people buying music at the iTunes store won't turn into thieves overnight just because the copy protection was removed.


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