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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Macbook Asks for WPA Password on an open WiFi network

Here's a good one. I could join an open WiFi network on my iPhone but not on my Macbook. It kept asking me for a WPA password. There is no password of course on an open network.

What I had to do was go into the network settings under system preferences and edit the network it had 'memorized'. In this case, it's 'BEMH'.

So, open System Preferences, then select 'Airport' by 'Show:' and then the Airport button below. Just make it look like the above screen capture. Click the network you are trying to join, then click Edit, and select 'None' for 'Wireless Security:'.

To sum: Your Mac thinks you need a password and you have to tell it otherwise. It worked perfectly after this.

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