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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to use a Mac Keyboard with Windows with remapping

Update 14 Nov 2010: I only remapped the left command key so when I'm using my Vista machine to VNC to the Mac server, the right key still works as the Command key. Handy! So you can use it where applicable as well.

Update 19 Nov 2009: Mac Keyboard also works with Xbox 360. No big surprise there, but it does.

Update 17 Feb 2009: the Mac Pro keyboard Volume Up, Down, and Mute all work in Vista as is. Cool. The Mac Pro mouse works of course too.


Ok, I know most of the keys work. But mainly, if you have a KVM switch hooked to a Mac and a PC or plug a keyboard back and forth between the two, you have certain annoyances.

What bugged me was going from Command-C to copy on the Mac and Ctrl-C to copy on the PC. Ditto that for closing browser tabs, etc etc.

They keyboard's the same but having to remember Ctrl or Command based on what computer the keyboard is hooked to was a pain.

Enter a fine program called KeyTweak that lets you remap your keys on Windows. I remapped my left Command key to be a Ctrl key, so now the combinations I used most are the same on both computers.

The right Command key is equivalent to the Windows key still, so that's available, and the Ctrl key is unchanged.

Hope it helps. Now buy something from Amazon over on the right side. :)

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