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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Powerspec TX366 and Pre-Built systems B644, B643, B642, B616, B615, B301, B300 pinouts and case guide

Longest title ever.

I just built a system in a TX366 case. They don't give you pinouts. Or a manual of any sort. Microcenter also couldn't give me one for their pre-built systems.

So, I wrote one with the LED/switch pinouts and photos of same. Also a tiny detail on disassembly.

I'm experimenting with selling obscure but valuable information at a low price. It's got to beat blogging about stuff and making nearly nothing.

So, if you need these pinouts, here's the link to my 99 cent manual. It gives you the LED and switch pinouts, and tells you how to remove the front panel. I will possibly be adding the AC97 sound pinouts at a later time.

Or you could keep Googling but I couldn't find it either. Isn't your time and my tech support worth 99 cents?

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humblefool said...


The manual does exist.

Rob said...

While somewhat helpful, that appears to be a different faceplate, and the pinouts it shows are Intel standard. Which again is helpful, but the manual I wrote had the LED pinouts.

And I included color photos. :)

Still, thanks for the addition!

Rob said...

I posted an email I got:


On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Dave

Greetings Rob,
I purchased a copy of your manuel and found it helpful. I was wondering if you have a picture of the wiring(+,-) out of case and plugged into each correct pin on the MB? I think I have the right combo but my computer will not start up. I think it may be a defective MB because it will
'click' as though it is about to start up but won't. I have the G31-M7 TE MB. Thanks for the time, hope my .99 helps you out- we all need it!


My response:

Reference the pinouts in the manual, and put them in the right places on your motherboard. The manual tells you each wire, color, and what it is. So, **as an example**, if purple were the hard drive LED positive, you would put that wire to the pin on your motherboard that is the same thing.

You will need to look at your motherboard or the manual for it to see where each pin goes. I detailed what each pin was on the case, you just have to match each wire up to your motherboard.

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