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Monday, May 04, 2009

Sonic Impact i-F2 works with iPhone

For you Googlers. I couldn't find it so here it is:

Q: Does the Sonic Solutions i-F2 work with the iPhone?
A: Yes, at least with my 1st gen iPhone.

You will get the message when that "This accessory was not made to work with iPhone" when you plug it in. It will ask you if you want to turn on airplane mode. If you don't put it in airplane mode, you will get that nasty interference when your iPhone transmits or receives data like an SMS, email, etc.

The remote functions 100% as well.

I found mine on clearance at Target for $32.50 which is an EXCELLENT price for this system. It's very well made, and my only regret is that there isn't a whole lotta bass, but then again it's a small system. It's more than loud enough for a room, poolside BBQ, etc. It's not a party system, unless you have a small party. :) Loud enough for guests outside, but not too loud for the neighbors IMHO.

Still kinda pricy at Amazon tho!

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