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Thursday, June 18, 2009

HUGE Update to What's Free Today? A Calendar by Rob

UPDATE 6/18/2009!

Huge Plus! If you are using an iPhone with OS 3.0, you can now get automatic updates on your iPhone when you subscribe to our calendar!

You can also subscribe via iCal or many other apps that understand a .ics file such as Outlook. (More on that here.)

Here's how:

1. Copy this link and email it to yourself, on the email you use on your iPhone.


2. Read the email on your iPhone and click the link.

3. Your iPhone will think for a few seconds. Click 'Subscribe' when it pops up. That's it!

Now, when you go into your Calendar, it will show you all the free stuff today!

Remember, you saw it at the roblog first!

Click on the tab that says 'Agenda' for an easier to read list view. For a full screen version, click here.

Get the full screen version, print the Agenda view and keep it in the car.

Check our Kids Eat Free or Cheap Calendar here.

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