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Monday, June 08, 2009

iPhone headphones will probably not work with Archos 504, or any PVR

Well, they work, but the iPhone headset was driving me crazy last night. Warbling in the audio, low volume, etc. rebooting my Archos 504 didn't help. Hmm.

Tried my other set of iPod 'phones that don't have THE BUILT IN MIC.

Doh! I remembered the Archos and many other media players/PVRs etc. have a fourth contact in the headset jack for VIDEO output on the same cable.

So what I was listening to was the video output and audio output at the same time essentially. Oops.

So any headset with a 4 contactor tip (ground, left, right, mic/video) needs to be used with the type of gear it was designed for in many cases.

'duh' magazine solicitations welcome. I publish there on a regular basis.

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